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Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Current ThreatCon for CONUS
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Burns Chronicles No 3

From Gary Hunt, here.

In-depth Analysis of Global Economy


This report probably remains too optimistic.

Financial collapses of any significant magnitude usually result in hot wars over essentials.  

In the case of what appears to be imminent this time, only wide-scale regional wars around the world are capable of offering Banksters and Thieves the cover they need to hide their crimes.

Finicum Shot 9 Times - Unarmed

Shooting report - here.

Not armed - here.

No more free Waco's, huh?

Seems to me Waco's happen daily - and they have all been free...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Extremists: So - how many of these symbols do YOU fly?

Personally, I'm in for four - and several others not even listed here.

We have been IFF'd as 'Extremists' by Enemies of Liberty and bureaucratic Useful Idiots.

My weekend just got better...

...it's always better to know who wants you dead than to be surprised at the last moment.

Here's the PDF.  Thanks TD.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

From Gary Hunt: Indictment PDF

I can attest the man has been involved with the players at Malheur since well-before they went to the Refuge.  He is a serious, honest broker.

Here's the PDF of the indictment.

Remember what Max recently stated: You no longer live in the country that was created in 1781. That Constitutional Republic, based on rightful liberty and equality before the law, no longer exists. You live in a a lawless banana republic, where might is right and there will never be justice. - Max Velocity

Patriots: There is no time for bullshit or Ego or silly side eddys and currents that distract us from the attainment of Rightful Liberty.  Ignore and dismiss the obsessed fucktards who are nothing but living embodiment of the Sparklie.

We are out of time.  War is here.  You waste your time with cults of personality at the expense of those you claim to love.

Get to fuckin' work.

You want to know why America is in such a sad state?

Because we allow our Communists, Socialists, Parasites (Free Shit Army 'Patriots') and Useful Idiots to die peacefully in their beds of old age, surrounded by family.

Until that changes, Rightful Liberty has no chance...

Politics Matter...

There is a small, vocal minority within the Liberty Movement who like to snidely dismiss the relevance of national, and even state/local politics.  'It doesn't matter' they say.  'It's all rigged' they say.

While they are free to dismiss reality, they are not immune to the effects of dismissing reality.  Some smart woman said something like that once.

Who is on the bridge of the Titanic when it is in the North Sea matters.  Who is deciding what happens next, when the ship is taking water, matters.

Local politics is most important.  Get a good Sheriff.  We have one here, and his burden will be legendary once things go fully sideways.  His Deputies will carry a load for the local citizenry that will be recorded in History books.  The elected Sheriff is the average Americans first and most important line of defense when things get ugly.

Next you need the best possible people in your town and county politics.  You need people who do not do the job for the salary or the Ego - they need to be genuinely committed to bettering the lives of you and your neighbors.  When the world goes sideways and the supply trucks for the local grocery store stop rolling, you'd better have a solid core of decent neighbors sitting in positions of elected office.

Upstream you have your legislative houses at the state level.  Make sure your local rep goes to your state capitol with the proper mindset.

The Governor matters - he can mobilize your Guard.  He can call up your militia.  He can defend your borders against the next state over or even the Feds when they come for your pantry and farms and ranches.

Feds?  It matters who is sitting in the Oval, if only to decide when and where we put serious firepower downrange on Bad People who want your stuff.  Obviously, this guy can do more damage than good, so choose wisely.

But if YOU do not help choose, then you leave these decisions to your Lib/Marxist neighbors who '...like what Bernie is saying...' or '...Hillary is ok...'.

If you think you can defend you and yours without your neighbors (even from some of your neighbors) alone - you are dead wrong.

Build those relationships now.  Build your preps.  Build off-site prep caches.  Have a hidey-hole for when things get really, really ugly.

Things will get really, really ugly, folks.  If you can't glance at current course and speed and understand that the location of our national crash site has already been determined by forces that cannot be altered - I can't help you.

In modern America if you can't understand that when a pound of butter that costs north of $3.50 it is a symptom of a crashing society, you are lost.

Here's a solid piece by PJB.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gary Hunt: Burns Chronicles

Number 1 - here.

Number 2 - here.

Some American Patriots went there and did that.  Gary is one.  ToneDeaf and his Second did also.

If you were not there, and you did not support those who were there, you are armchair quarterbacking from the nosebleeds.  S.T.F.U.  

God bless every Patriot who dared put their asses on the line.

LaVoy Finicum Funeral

Details, here.


Sunday, January 31, 2016

The 'Official' Narrative

The FBI on Thursday released a video showing Finicum's death, to counter claims he did nothing to provoke his killing. In the aerial video, Finicum is pulled over in his truck but then takes off in the vehicle and plows into a snowbank because of a roadblock. He gets out and has his hands up at first, then appears to reach toward his jacket pocket at least twice. He is shot and falls to the snow.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

LaVoy Finicum Murder/Execution: If/Then...

III Percent Patriots has concluded that LaVoy Finicum was executed and/or murdered by OSP.  That is our conclusion at this moment.  Understand this: Not all facts are in yet.  We expect verification that he was shot in the torso multiple times, resulting in the movements we all see clearly in the video of his death.  We fully expect this will be the reality, not that he was trying to pull a weapon.  Given available evidence, we are also certain Finicum's vehicle was taking fire from LEO prior to his death.

Once all these details are confirmed or denied, we will take a final position.  Until then, given the evidence currently in the public domain, our conclusion is that LaVoy Finicum was executed with pre-meditation.

Now it is time for every serious Patriot to determine their If/Then course of action.

'No More Free Waco's' is a cry we hear from many, many Patriots.  It is a nifty little proclamation and pimped by many in the Liberty Movement as a line in the sand that will not be tolerated.  Now, let's see how many back up from that rhetorical line, and how many live up to it.

If you conclude that LaVoy Finicum was executed by LEO for his mere participation in an event that was non-violent (until LEO forced a confrontation) then by any metric used to measure Intellectual Honesty you must conclude that the 'No more Waco's' line has been crossed.  If you try to dismiss that line in the sand based on the number of dead, versus the motivating premise behind Finicum's death, you are guilty of Intellectual Dishonesty and back-peddling.

The difference between one murder and a hundred murders is merely numerical - the same level of tyannical and Evil malice is present.

Now, for all of you who stomp upon your keyboards and chant 'No More Free Waco's' and 'Not One More Inch' - the time is upon you to demonstrate your III status.  You have been called-out by Tyrants.  Your casus belli has been provided to you on a morgue's slab in the form of LaVoy Finicum.

How will you respond?  (This is NOT an invitation to post on a blog your intentions.  This IS a challenge to live up to your rhetoric and respond in accordance with your own declarations.)  Acta non verba.  Just sayin'.

If you claim 'No More Free Waco's' and/or 'Not one more inch' as lines in the sand, and you do nothing in the face of LaVoy Finicum's execution, you are not III.  

You do not necessarily need to go hunting - you must merely live up to your rhetoric in the eyes of God...

...or you demonstrate you are a useless, frightened bit of genetic waste who should forever suffer that reality in your Soul.

That is all.

Friday, January 29, 2016

LaVoy Finicum Analysis

There are still unknowns regarding the LaVoy Finicum shooting.  Some of these unknowns may be resolved, some may not.  Here is our analysis as of this posting:

McConnell is dismissed as a credible player and witness.  Too many common sense realities and deductions demand that his testimony be considered tainted  - at best.

Victoria remains credible and comes across as sincere.  This is subjective - that is the art of analysis, not the science.  She insists shots were fired at the Finicum truck prior to the snow bank and subsequent action.  Until verifiable proof is presented dis-proving that claim, we go with her assertions.  If her vehicle came under fire prior to Finicum's bolt toward the roadblock and subsequent exit of the vehicle, his actions become more understandable.  

Would you not exit a vehicle that was under fire to protect, and to draw fire away from, people you hold dear?  I think LaVoy Finicum would - and perhaps did.

Finicum is clearly seen raising his arms in capitulation.  Then we see 'furtive movement' that would, on the surface, justify a Hard response from LEO.  But on the enhanced video, what we see is consistent with a man who is physically reacting to being shot multiple times - not necessarily consistent with a man reaching for a concealed pistol.  If it turns out Finicum was shot in the torso, the conclusion of the III Percent must be that his body actions were a result of those bullets hitting his body, versus an attempt to reach for a concealed weapon. (Note: Common sense dictates that Finicum would have reached for his trusted Colt in a Life/Not Life moment - not a concealed 9MM as offered by LEO.)

Practical Tactical: Use the video to determine your own conclusions.  Do not accept our assessment any more easily than you would accept the conclusions drawn by LEO. Secondly - take note of the Operational details - men pre-positioned in the woods flanking the roadblock. The roadblock itself, staged a mile or so from the initial contact point.  The invitation from John Day to visit, only to be ambushed with obvious pre-planning on a route essential to Bundy & Company.  These are tidbits your Team must assimilate into your training and preparedness.

Liberty and Tyranny are fighting RevWarIII - right now.  You are either a III Patriot, or a bystander...


You no longer live in the country that was created in 1781. That Constitutional Republic, based on rightful liberty and equality before the law, no longer exists. You live in a a lawless banana republic, where might is right and there will never be justice. - Max Velocity

Max's blog - here.
Forum - here. (Pay particular attention to Mike S./Culper and his once-again 'brilliant' analysis as it is deconstructed by men with brains.)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

FBI Drone Footage of Shooting


Enhanced Vid

Sagebrush? No...

Federal Lands by State
Much of the Leftist and MSM is trying to make the Oregon event merely another minimal flare-up in the Sagebrush Rebellion (wiki here).

Do not allow that narrative to stick.  Bundy & Company were, absolutely, protesting FedGov land 'ownership', to be certain.  But do not forget the primary reason they chose to act was the mistreatment of the entire Hammond family.

If real American blood pumps in your veins, you are prepping for an ugly decade of violent clashes of ideologies - Tyranny versus Liberty.

Best prediction: Liberty dies spectacularly.

Worst: Liberty dies with but a whimper.

Either way - what you profess to love is doomed.  Now your only choice is how loudly it dies...

The Rejection Election

PJB analyzes the political landscape - here.

Malheur, Bundy 2014, BarryGate are all physical manifestations of the discontent that exists within many Americans.  Yet the fervor (and numerical advantage) of our ideological enemies - of those people (even among large numbers of people who claim to be 'Patriots') who are willing to demand that you and I pay for their healthcare, their salaries, their Guns and Butter - outpaces the sincere Liberty-minded American exponentially.

The Liberty Gene is being systematically swept from America in a campaign of genocide.

Related: Just one reason Trump is dominating - here.