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Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Current ThreatCon for CONUS
Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Friday, April 29, 2016

Hard Drive Dump

Sorry folks, hard drive took a dirt nap this morning while updating all the blogs/websites.

It has been replaced, now I am loading all the software goodies onto the new one.

Back up and running tomorrow with commentary on the Trump events at CAGOP Convention.

Headed to the workshop - widgets to make, friends & allies to see...

III Society to RNC in Cleveland

The III Percent Society will be in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, as will many other groups.  The role of the III Society on the ground will be to observe and report.  

Full details here.

**Despite deliberately erroneous reports from several FSA Outlets, the Society has no intention of rolling the TOC to Cleveland - and never did.

America First

The founding principles of the original America First Committee in 1940:

~ The United States must build an impregnable defense for America.
~ No foreign power, nor group of powers, can successfully attack a prepared America.
~ American democracy can be preserved only by keeping out of the European war.
~ "Aid short of war" weakens national defense at home and threatens to involve America in war abroad.

Pat Buchanan picked up the America First theme as a Presidential candidate.  I was present at the DoubleTree Hotel when he made the now iconic statement: ''Our two parties have become nothing but two wings on the same bird of prey.''  

Donald Trump was in that race, as well.  Now Trump has lifted the America First flag and is charging forward to a likely (R) nomination in Cleveland.  Will he prove to be nothing but a spoiler as some people believe?  Will he prove to be nothing more than an opportunist who lifts the America First banner as a meme to win an election, only to pivot once in office?  Will he prove to be a True Believer who manages to harness the discontent of tens-of-millions of Americans who hold the Establishment Elite in contempt so strongly that RevWarIII is a very real possibility?

Time will tell.

But for this moment, those of us who have been America Firsters since our baptism in American politics - we can hope.

Donald Trump is no Pat Buchanan.  But at the moment, he carries the right flag...

Here's the piece.

We'll see you all in Cleveland.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Who owns you?

My initial premise, when looking at all human issues, is that each of us owns himself. I am my private property, and you are your private property. If you agree with that premise, then certain human actions are moral and others immoral.


That's our moral tragedy: We've become a nation of people endeavoring to live at the expense of others...

You know - like the overweight slag with a supposed debilitating disease who collects .gov funds (stolen from you) for her healthcare - while continuing to smoke.

These people are immoral filth, and should be left to die in their own...

Here's the piece.


From Mark - 

Josie the Outlaw's perspective:

Cascadia Rising: June 7-10 Region X

Two links:

CDA Press - here.

FEMA - here.

When governments consider and plan for major migration shifts, pay attention...

Thanks to our CDA friend for the link.

Some days it is simply too easy...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Extinction of the West...

Given the shrinking populations inside Europe and the waves of immigrants rolling in from Africa and the Middle and Near East, an Islamic Europe seems to be in the cards before the end of the century.  PJB - Here.

Story: Europe will 'soon have more Muslims than Christians'

Story: Norway offers to pay asylum seekers £1000 bonus to leave the country

Story: U.N. Pressing for ‘Alternative’ Ways to Admit More Syrian Refugees to U.S.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Out the St. Joe River

22 April 2016 - North Idaho
Have you chosen the best place for you and your family to meet the challenges of an imploding society?

The clock is ticking.

Whatever scenario you envision, and whatever the realities may be that unfold, physically positioning yourself off the primary lines of attack is the most fundamental and prudent decision you can take.  No place is guaranteed to be untouched - but, if there are riots in Baltimore and Storm Troopers in DC and disruption of food deliveries in Chicago - yet you are not in Baltimore, DC or Chicago, you will be ahead of the game.

Are you in a place with fewer than average vulnerabilities?  Can you secure food, water and heat if traditional sources go dry?  Can you keep your shelter if half the people in your neighborhood get hungry?  If your local Brown Shirts begin rabble-rousing, how many people can you put on the X in your neighborhood?

America is in terminal decline.  The overwhelming majority of her people have rotted from the inside and have no moral compass.  Our systems that keep the lights on and shelves filled at grocery stores are fragile in the face of sudden shifts off the status quo.  Tensions are high between many groups of citizens.

The worst part of it all: There is a significant percentage of people who believe it is in their best interests to break the machine.  They see gain in the chaos that would ensue.  There always have been, and always will be, such people.  But it appears they have never had a better chance of actually realizing their goals than now.

Literally and figuratively, you should have your back against a wall, right now.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I have repeatedly warned SJWs that every tactic they utilize will be utilized against them. And since they have not only declared people's employment to be fair game, but repeatedly acted in attempts to disemploy everyone from police officers to programmers, from students to scientists, it is entirely legitimate to target their jobs and their careers.  Vox, here.

Of course this is just common sense.  When you are attacked, there is no limit on your recourse.  Nothing is 'out of bounds' when defending yourself, especially from filthy FSA fcuks who think they can threaten your income.  When they are willing to lie, hit back with everything you've got - especially when they are such physical cowards that they refuse to meet you face to face.  Yes, Camel Toe - that is you.  Yes, Mason Dixon punk - that is you. Yes. Inwood Quiter, that is you.  Yes, Air Force Trainer King, that is you.

Punk ass cunts.

Fcuk 'em.  Squash 'em.  Remind the world that a 'Tactical Training Professional' is no such thing when his biggest 'client' is a Pennsylvania Militia 'Colonel' who never served, and who pays nothing for 'Training'.  Get a fcukin' clue.  A joke is a joke...

The war for Liberty is an existential fight.  

No Quarter for fcuktards in Patriot clothing...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

When parasites threaten the host...

...they are either mercilessly excised, or the host will die.

The choice is yours.

I will not die by parasitic bleeding.

Political Correctness is the precursor to genocidal Thought-Policing...

Here's the piece.

Portland Protest: The Pig Farmer Perspective

ToneDeaf sent this link.  It's a story written from the Leftist perspective of what happened at the Trump clash in Portland last week, when the Leftists were banging on their drums all day...

I believe that almost every child is capable of being raised into a productive, caring adult.

However, the window for growing good children is limited.

At some point, say when the little 'tards start spewing Pig Farmer diatribe in their college years, the only option remaining for society is to embrace retro-active abortion.

Just sayin'...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pig Farmer's of America, Unite!

“I’m not a great optimist about the western civilization.” - PJB, here.

When I was young a common pejorative when discussing Communist Russia (USSR) was 'Pig Farmer'.  As the story goes the average Communist, represented by the Russian Pig Farmer, had the following outlook on the world:  Pig Farmer Alexei owned 2 pigs.  Pig Farmer Vlad owned 3 pigs.  So, Pig Farmer Alexei called the KGB and demanded that they come and kill one of Pig Farmer Vlad's pigs, thus restoring equality to his world.

When Pat Buchanan comments about his pessimism for Western Civilization, it is because Pig Farmers are no longer simply mental midgets found behind the Iron Curtain.  The Pig Farmer ideology has infected America to Her core.  The rationale of the Pig Farmer is so entrenched in the masses of American citizens, it goes unidentified by most.

98% of Americans working for 'The State' are Pig Farmers.  Every single American who accepts .Gov benefits - but for wounded .mil vets and those who have accepted less than they ever 'contributed' to the system - are Pig Farmers.  I can not identify one single politician outside of the elected County Sheriff who is not a Pig Farmer - either sharing the ideology or slopping the Pigs.

The most insidious collection of Pig Farmers in America - even more repugnant than the Welfare Class - can often be found working next to you.  Whether you sweep floors in a warehouse, drive a prison bus, or perform some other menial, unskilled service industry job, you definitely need look no further than your co-workers to find a few Pig Farmers.  Many Pig Farmers never have to look further than the mirror.  These are the slugs of society who think they make a contribution to Western Civilization by virtue of their very existence, while complaining and attempting to sabotage genuine producers in the economy - the men and women who help to construct buildings and machines, the men and women who build products and thus employ machinists and technicians and other genuine contributors.

The Pig Farmer Class in America would evaporate overnight if the parasites among us would begin to produce tangible widgets, or medicine, or advances in tech that help reduce the unit cost of production.

Hell, even if your greatest aspiration in life is to peddle Camel Toe, at least muster the gumption to produce your own and not simply recycle what you find in a Google Search, for Fcuk sake.

...or, they could simply STFU and let their betters do the work they are unwilling and incapable of accomplishing..

But that will not happen - because in their Souls they are Pig Farmers.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Landscape for RevWarIII is taking shape

Donald Trump has brought out the largest crowds in the history of primaries. He has won the most victories, the most delegates, the most votes. He is poised to sweep three of the five largest states in the nation — New York, Pennsylvania and California.

If he does, and the nomination is taken from him, the Republican Party will be seen by the American people as a glorified Chinese tong.


But having gone head-to-head in some 30 primaries and caucuses, Cruz has fallen millions of votes behind Trump, and will fall millions further behind after New York, Pennsylvania and California.

Cruz will soon join John Kasich in being mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination on the first ballot. His fallback strategy is to keep Trump just short of the 1,237 votes needed for victory on the first ballot, and then steal the nomination on the second.

PJB - here.

I have run the numbers for the remaining Republican contests and determined that Trump is likely to head to Cleveland as much as 100 delegates short of 1,237.

There are 5 'Winner Take All' contests remaining in which Trump holds massive superiority in the polls (except California, where he is only up 7 or so).  The delegates from these 5 come to 366.  This takes Trump to 1,110.  

In New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Oregon, Trump is also spanking Cruz/Kasich. These 4 states have 170 delegates, all proportionally allocated.  Trump 'should' claim 90 or so from these proportional states, putting him near 1,200.

Factor more inside baseball maneuvers by Cruz, and by all indications Trump will likely enter Cleveland short of a clean win.

That's where things get sporty.  That's where American history books will pick up an exciting new chapter on the political front.

That's why we'll be in Cleveland.  People who self-identify on either side of the Left/Right political spectrum genuinely despise one another.  They hold ideologies that are irreconcilable - and patience is likely as thin now as it was in the months leading up to Fort Sumter.  On every front - from politics to the economy to Islam Rising in American neighborhoods - this nation is a gasoline-soaked explosion waiting to happen...

...and there are far too many people who think they can advance their agendas by playing with matches.

Patriot's Day: What does the morrow hold?

About three hours from now (2200 Eastern) Paul Revere and William Dawes were dispatched to warn Adams and Hancock.

If you are reading this blog you are probably very well-informed about the events of that night and the following day.

We call April 19 Patriot's Day.

Enemies of Liberty seem to take pride in marking the day in modern times with some egregious act of desecration to the ideals of Liberty.

Democracy Spring and Awakening are winding down in Washington DC right now.  They have arrested at least 1,000 Leftists.  As we look across the political landscape we see any number of potential opportunities for Enemies of Liberty to once again smite us tomorrow.

We shall see.

How Bad People Work...

Do as we say or we will hurt you.

Fall in line, or we will hurt you.

Agree with us, or we will hurt you.

...and it isn't just the Global Warming folks who behave this way...

Here's the piece.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Portland State AAR

Pro-Trump students were met with NeverTrump Leftists.

The level of dialogue and discourse?  CavMed sent this link.

The Leftists banged on 5 gallon plastic buckets and blew whistles to drown-out the pro-Trump folks.

That's it.

As a society we have devolved to noise versus legitimate debate.  We have devolved to Camel Toe versus real action.  We have devolved to 'Black is Bad and White is Right' as the pinnacle of political debate.

Do not misunderstand - I have never held any higher expectation for the Leftists and Communists among us, for they are parasitic genetic waste.  Leftist arguments are simply incapable of rising to the level of '...legitimate political debate...'  

However, those who claim to be advocates of Liberty in 2016 do not speak any more eloquently.  They do not, and perhaps are not capable of, articulating what they want and how they plan to realize their goals.

But for a small minority, our entire nation has been reduced to nothing more than bumper-sticker slug-lines that are today called 'debate'.  

Donald Trump is no Constitutionalist.  He is not of the 'Enlightenment'. His followers are stuck on emotion equal to the followers of Sanders and Clinton and Cruz.  None of them represent anything resembling Rightful Liberty.

Weep for what might have been.

Decide how you intend to live the remainder of your life - fighting a fight that is likely not winnable, or bending knee to the blithering idiots of either side and their masses.

I will not judge you either way - unless you become one of the blithering for the sake of survival...

...some sins are simply unforgivable.

If you ever bang a bucket or blow a whistle as a form of protest or dialogue - you are not III, and you do not deserve Liberty or Safety.  

You may as well Camel Toe through the rest of your life, as a waste...

Here is the piece.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

I hope my true allies really understand...

...when WWIII goes hot, you and I will probably never have the chance to say 'Here it is!' to one another.

It'll just be on...

Russia's latest buzz - here.

When critical mass is achieved, you and I will be alone and comms will be dark.  Cities will glow.  

Glass prices will plummet...

...supply & demand, you know...

When it happens, remember the Mission - Kill them all...

Commie Filth in Portland - Live

Thanks CavMed for the link.


Until Liberty Forces begin handing out free backfists, Enemies of Liberty will win at every skirmish...